Wearable, 3D-Printed Iron Man Suit Selling for $35,000

Created by a design team for the most enthusiastic comic book superfan with money to burn, is a wearable, 3D-printed Iron Man suit selling for $35,000.

Iron Man Mark III suit image

As a group of fans who enjoy debating the intricacies of a superhero’s super suit, who are thrilled by the prospect of ‘more powerful’ lasers burning holes in things in future films and, of course, discussing which scientific anomaly saw our favourite Avengers brought to life, it’s effectively a given that those who are into comic books also have a bit of a thing for gadgets. If we had the tools to do so (and if it was socially acceptable outside of San Diego Comic Con), I’m sure that many of us would parade around in full scale replicas of our favourite comic book characters on days that aren’t just the 31st of October. However, as it stands, the closest most of us will get to that is buying an Iron Man mask at the Disney store, but now, thanks to one team of designers, a functioning, wearable Iron Man Mark III suit could be yours.

Bringing your dreams of super-powered grandeur to life is the aptly named Iron Man Factory, whose name suggests that they too are rather big fans of Tony Stark’s alter-ego. Iron Man Factory’s new creation, the Iron Man Mark III suit, is for likeminded people, or for those who are simply bored with their day to day clothes being able to fit those between the heights of 5”5 and 6”1. Powered by an AAA battery, are the Iron Man Mark III suit’s sensor controlled motors, which upgrade the suit from ‘run of the mill costume, to ‘genuinely impressive technological outfit’, allowing you to control the thrusters on the back of the suit as well as giving you the rather show-y ability of being able to slide open the helmet, Stark-style, for added cool.

With the outer layer made of carbon fibre polymer, the Iron Man Mark III also boasts a padded interior, keeping you comfortable and cosy when you fight crime (or at least pretend to do so) but despite this, along with its inclusion of an LED lighting system, it weighs just 7 pounds. Unfortunately, despite being fairly light, the $2000 dollar suit uses injection moulding as its creation process of choice, meaning that it can take up to 8 months to build one, meanwhile, the $35,000 model is the price tag for the 3D-printed version of the Mark III that can be completed in just 4 months. With prices in mind, it’s also important to state that Iron Man Factory have set the goal at 5,000 pre-orders, saying that they have to reach that figure before they begin producing the suits, so you might want to head over to their site (a link to which is below) and fork out for one if you’re interested.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Iron Man Factory, engadget

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