Awe Inspiring Red Dragon Mask

Red is the color that is reigning supreme at the moment with the Bob Basset team. After the Red Satan and Red Clown comes the Red Dragon.

Ukraine might be miles away from China but the coincidence cannot be ignored that the next year, 2012, is supposed to be the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar. Cultures do influence people across borders and the dragon has been cited in many scriptures. This mythological creature has been mentioned in European and Chinese scriptures. They might have had differences but the origin must have lied somewhere common. Being a very strong and influential creature it is not a surprise that people create masks based on it.

Bob Basset has created various products with a variety within each category. Dragons can be seen in a number of creations with masks having a large share. These dragon masks have been churned out at regular intervals with each one having its own special touch. It was only last month that the black leather dragon mask was unveiled.

The Red Dragon mask is a little similar to the black one with both having the same kind of spikes arising from their heads. It is named the Red Dragon and one can notice that full justice has been done to the color red. Every corner of the mask has been colored red, including the teeth. Red teeth do give a very eerie feel to it but what would be the use if a dragon cannot make you skip your beat? The golden touches on the spikes do give it the added effect.

One feature that makes this Red Dragon different from its predecessors is its mane. Unlike other dragon masks created by Bob Basset this one has been given a mane, which is again red in color. This mane is long enough to cover the entire back of the head and hang loose on the shoulders. A thin braid in the middle is also included. The mask can be considered to be fully functional as you can wear it with great ease. There are two large eye holes on the sides and the slight gap between the teeth allows air to freely pass through.

With this awesome mask from the house of Bob Basset you should be getting one for this Halloween. The mask in itself is awe inspiring. Pair it up with appropriate costumes and see the effect it has on all.

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Via: Bob Basset