Techno Kitten Adventure: Dance, Fly … Meow?

Everyone once in a while a game comes along that manages to get truly popular not because of the graphics or the storyline but because it is just so off the wall crazy and fun.  There appears to be a new game in town in this particular genre.

Of course video games are popping up all over the place that give us different experiences all the time.  Video game systems like the Xbox 360 are even starting to bring us music that we like to listen to as well as games we like to play.  The iPad too, is trying to branch out into games that were once known only on the console or the computer and now are gaining new popularity on the iDevices.  And of course on occasion we are starting to see games that are both released on the iDevices AND the console, though they are still few and far between.

One such game that fills the desire of gamers to get their groove on while blasting away at the enemy is the new Techno Kitten Adventure.  This particular game is just about as whacky and irrelevant as you would assume by the title with the player leading a kitten with a jet-pack through multiple levels of near epilepsy inducing sound, light and music.  Flying through the air the player gets to hear some of the greatest dance tracks of all time while avoiding various obstacles and marveling at the background which switches from various shapes to wonderful colors and the occasional dragon (that’s not a typo).

Perhaps best of all is that this particular game has done what other games should be doing more of and that is offering the adventure up on multiple platforms at the same time.  While there are a ton of iOS apps that are ported from console and computer games years after the fact, Techno Kitten Adventure has launched on the Xbox Indie Games platform as well as the iDevices all at the same time and because it is cheap on whatever platform you prefer you can enjoy it on all of them.  Techno Kitten Adventure is currently running about 80 credits on the Xbox and is currently completely free on the iPhone.

Check out the video, but beware … you may feel the need to dance overcome you.