Let Love Rule: The Geekiest Wedding Proposals

In modern days, where a little geekiness is not only expectable but also encouraged, it’s great to see love and marriage are no strangers to this new paradigm.

Geeks all around the world are, have, and will be falling in love, and being that our tastes are such important parts of who we are, it’s not surprising to see these lifestyle choices invading the other things that we do. The thing that will end up blowing some minds is how cool, elaborate, and  interesting some of these proposals end up being. From Harry Potter and Toy Story references to straight up video game hacks out of the greatest geeky minds of our time, these are some incredible proposals that, we’re sure, both parties will more than remember throughout the rest of their lives.

Join us for this incredible gallery where we share some of our favorite moments with you, readers, where we celebrate love and people deciding to join their lives in one of the oldest human rituals of our culture. Enjoy!