Tiny Objects Used to Create Large Mosaics

From a far, these pieces of art look like anything else you’ve ever seen, but look closely and you will see these mosaics are made of thousands of tiny pieces.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those little army men or Hot Wheels lying around? Most likely, when you were younger, all your parents wanted to do was throw them out because they would step on them all the time. (And let’s not joke, those things hurt like nothing else when they are stepped on with no warning!) Most likely, you throw them out, give them away, or try to sell them at a yard sale. But have you ever thought about creating works of art from them? Probably not, but artist Kevin Champeny has.

Kevin is known for creating very large format pieces of art that are part sculpture and part mosaic. While the finished piece looks like a regular mosaic or sculpture, a closer look reveals something – these works of art are actually made out of hundreds, even thousands, of very tiny objects. For example, “What Remains” is a skull mosaic reaching a width of five feet and was made using over 35,000 very tiny flowers.

Another piece of art, simply entitled “Flag” is a rendering of the American Flag using 44,450 urethane army men that were painted in the iconic flag colors of red, white, and blue. Look at this from afar and you cannot tell. It is only by looking at it close up and they are like, “Hey, those are army men!”

And then there is the Hot Wheels design, which is simply ingenious.

According to Kevin, all his pieces of work take a few months to completion.

What a really interesting way to use lots of old items lying around the house. And it is so much more interesting than just your typical paint and color pencils.

(Via: Laughing Squid)

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