TinyTap App Enables Users To Create Custom Story Books

Of all the things you can do with an iPad, hardly anything compares with being able to create your own stories and let your imagination fly like TinyTap allows you to.

TinyTap is designed for kids of 4+ years old. It gives a twist on the old, tired “record-your-own-voice” storybooks with a more interactive interface that lets the kids even create mini games, add their own music, pictures, and more. There is even a nice set of pre-made stories kids can use as means of inspiration.


The interesting bit about TinyTap is that it basically lets kid do their own thing, without restricting them, and could potentially act as an entry-level tool for game development. Just let that settle in for a second, and imagine your little boy/girl creating first a small Donkey Kong clone, and eventually the next Elder Scrolls game. Geek dads and moms would be so proud! Check the simple interface they’ve carefully engineered out here in this video.

With TinyTap, kids can play with the “if/then/else” concepts that are vital parts of game creation. Consider the app a playground, with the building blocks, that will let the kids play in any way they want. And the best bit? It’s all available for free. Check the app out at the iTunes store over here.

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