Harmless Weapon Set Is Rambo’s Worst Nightmare

For moder hippie-geeks that feel war is useless and belong only to videogames, we’ve come across something you might like: the harmless weapon set. This set was created by the talented Kyle Bean, who decided to give a twist to the mean looking weapons most designers try, and create careful designs based on them being absolutely harmless. Don’t bring these to a gang-fight unless you’re trying to kill your enemy with laughter.

Harmless Knife - harmless grenade

The cool thing about the knife is that it’s still useful if you feel like tickling your adversary. And the grenade, well, it just looks delicious. Your stomach will receive an explosion of flavor! Om nom nom! There’s a lot of attention put in the details, and the creations are pretty clever, particularly the knife which keeps all of the right colors.

harmless weapons 1

The idea seems to be that if the money spent in weapons was spent in food for those who need it, the world would be a better place.  On this picture we see how the brass knuckles have turned into bread knuckles, while the second design, a bunch of dynamite sticks made out of ice cream, even has the right colors and the timer. Incoming!


Usually it’s people who don’t read enough the ones that shoot the most, so this bullet-candles make quite a statement. Give armies some light so they can read at night, make the world a better place.

Che Guevara Soap

This one’s pretty funny, too. You know that after fighting a guerrilla war, you’re meant to be dirty. Now the icon of the Cuban revolution comes to your aid. If you’re cleaner, you’re meant to get more ladies, and if the people are happy, that means less wars altogether. We’re down with that.

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