Trendy Night Vision Watch

This is the world of technological advancements and gadgets are becoming an integral part of our lives. In all this development many devices get lost behind never to be seen again. One device that has never gone out of fashion and need is the watch. Rather it has taken new forms and has continued attracting users towards it self. Many such designs and concepts have emerged from the house of Tokyo Flash.

The Night Vision Watch is yet another offering from Tokyo Flash. Like all its other watches this one too makes use of LED lights for displaying the time. It has an unusual attractive hexagonal shape. The body and strap are stainless steel with a black matte finish. Basic functionalities offered by the watch are time, date and alarm settings. It can be said to be a very basic watch but a very trendy one.

At first the watch may appear to give you a very blank look but when you press the button on the top right hand side it will light up. It is available in three LED colors of red, green and blue. As against the black backdrop of the body these colors do present a striking appearance. Hours are shown in the outer ring. Segments of LED appear in spaces as in a normal watch. The center of the watch displays the minutes in numbers.

If you have been following Tokyo Flash watches you might have noticed that many designs and concepts require you do some amount of calculation to read the time. It is not so here. Locate the glowing LED on the hour ring and read the number in the center. It is as easy as that. Similarly the date is displayed. The only difference here is that you need to press the lower right hand button to display the date. Follow the same method to get the date. In date mode there will be a letter ‘D’ displayed on the face. Same goes for the alarm. All in all it is a fairly simple design packaged very attractively.

The light-up animation can be turned on to enable the watch to light up every fifteen minutes between 6pm to 12pm.

Like any other current day gadget this watch is also USB rechargeable. One full charge takes around three and a half hours and lasts up to a month. One battery can take close to 300 hours and it is completely replaceable. The strap is adjustable to a great extent to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. This unisex design which was voted the most popular design concept by fans has finally seen the light of day.

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