Tripwire Bang Alarm Alerts You when there is an Intruder

One cannot deny the fact that sometimes we do feel a little devious and evil, and would like to play a little prank on people sometimes.

The latest prank comes from hacker MacGyver Kiplay, who has created the Tripwire Bang Alarm, and it sure does look fun and scary at the same time. The best thing about the mod is that it is made of cheap materials that almost cost nothing.

All that you would need to build this Tripwire Bang Alarm are some fishing line, a mouse trap and a few tent poles. The idea is to alert you when someone enters your territory, and not actually harm the person but give him or her a rude shock. While it could be used a cheap security device if you live in a shack outside the town, it could also be used to surprise your nagging friend or date, who complain that things are not ‘that exciting anymore’.

What the device does is that it makes the person trip over the fishing line, and the mousetrap will hit two caps filled with gunpowder. Of course, no one would be physically hurt, but it sure would alert you, and also give a rude shock to the person who trips. However, you may have to refill the Tripwire Bang alarm with new caps after every use, and I am sure that is going to be a wee bit annoying.

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