Steampunk Space Boar Mask Looks Forlorn

Of all the Steampunk masks that I have come across, none could be as weird as this Space Boar Mask from the house of Bob Basset. It looks almost like a gas mask, but is more of an art piece than anything else.

The guys at Bob Basset usually do not tell us what the inspiration behind their ultra cool masks is. However, I suspect that this particular mask is inspired by the character of Nexu, the space boar from the Geonosis Arena in Episode II.

Nexu resembles a cat and is a fierce predator that would hunt all kinds of creatures. Perhaps we shall learn more about these fierce Nexu creatures in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Meanwhile, the Space Boar mask has openings for eyes and a certain meshed space from where one can breathe. I guess it could be a great heirloom which would tell your future generations what a bad ass gamer you were. Of course, I am not sure if the guys at Bob Basset were really inspired by Nexu the Space Boar or not.

If they were not inspired by Nexu, what else could be the inspiration for this weird mask and its weirder name? The brown hide and the metallic embellishments make the mask look other-worldly, and the metallic pipe that connects the lower neck of the Space Boar to its frontal lobe is pretty kick-ass too. In fact, one could imagine wearing the Space Boar mask in times of chemical gas attacks by enemy nations, if a war should happen anytime in the future.

While I would never wish for a war, we would at least look cool while trying to save ourselves from noxious gases if we bought a gas mask like this one. You could contact the guys at Bob Basset for several other cool gas masks, aor read about a few that we had written about earlier. You could take a look at the Steampunk E.T. Leather Mask, the Teacher Mask and also the collection of 19 Steampunk Masks which we had written about earlier.