Modern Trojan Horse Made Out Of Computer Keys

Usually, you want Trojans to stay away from your computer, but we’re not talking about viruses today, just art. Specifically, a recreation of a Trojan horse with spare computer keys.

It took us this long to understand that there’s more to keys than just typing. Luckily, artist Babis Pangiotidis saw this before anyone else, and created this fantastic sculpture known as Hedonism(y) Trojaner. The idea was to play with the two meanings of the word “Trojan”, as in a Trojan Horse from the Greek myths, and second, the type of malicious software used by hackers.

Made out of recycled resin and various shades of white, ivory, and brown computer keys, this replica of the mythical Trojan horse stands as an emblem of contemporary dependencies on the digital world. Pangiotidis sculpture is a visual reminder of the daily risks that computer-users face every day.

Source: My Modern Met

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