HTML For Babies: It’s Never Too Late To Start Them Early

If you have a baby or know anyone who does and you want them to turn out geeky, then why not give them a copy of a new book, “HTML For Babies”?

The new book, by John C. Vanden-Heuvel, Sr, a New York-based Web designer, aims to show geeky little ones how to design standards-compliant HTML in the form of a colorful picture book. Vandel-Heuvel designed the book for his own baby. The book currently sells for $8.99 on Amazon.

It only has one review on the site, but Karl A. Krist seems like a happy customer. “No more pictures on the fridge, no more writing on the walls; now the kids are spending their time creating websites to inform family and friends of what they are doing.” Of course, the review is quite tongue-in-cheek: “One family member suggested that my 2 year old use Facebook, but due to the lax security I decided against it. But there are no concerns now that we spent the last two nights going over security procedures including HTTPS; XSS and SQL Injection. Though I will admit, the SQL Injection part was a bit scary, and I’m sure it led to nightmares.”

HTML For Babies

Each page of the book shows some cute text done up proberly in HTML tags. It’s only Volume 1 in a projected series of “code babies” books. Who knows what other volumes we’ll see? “JavaScript for Babies?” “CSS For Babies?” “WordPress For Babies?” The possibilities are endless.If it sells, we here at Walyou can look forward to reviewing Web sites created by babies. You might feel the latest version of Facebook might have been, but that doesn’t count? Imagine all the opportunities for social networking. We could see toddlers checking in for playdates or live-tweeting Wiggles concerts or whatever. This book could lead to yet another startup boom. I just hope that Walyou doesn’t decide that babies can write a lot better than the grown-up writers they currently use and replacing us with kids they can pay in candy.

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