A Walk Down Memory Lane: Upgrading Windows From 1.01 To 7

See what happens when a user willing to experiment with his computer decides to upgrade from the very first version of Windows all the way to 7.

windows upgrades

It’s been a long way for Windows, and while each entry had its idiosyncrasies, it still remains the most used OS in the world. Blogger and YouTube user TheRasteri has made a video showing just how compatible each version of the Windows OS is with the previous one, and how painless or not the upgrading process is. The results are… unexpected. Do you wanna try and guess? Watch the video below.

Turns out you could have kept the same computer you had running Windows 1.01 just upgrading the parts whenever required. Well, sheesh, now I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of money. Does anyone want to reprise the experiment including Windows 8 this time around? How about trying this out with MacOs?

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