Modern Sculptures Made of Computer Hardware

French modern sculptor and painter Remy Tassou repurposed computer hardware, cell phones and photo cameras and turned them into an unusual form of art.

Remy Tassou started making works of art out of technological waste or cybertrash, as this type of waste is also know, in the early ’90s. Judging by his sculptures, the artist seems interested in anything that has a circuit board, either visible or not.

The first exhibit is the sculpture of a wall made of RAM modules, intuitively titled Tron. The sculpture was completed on July 25, 2010. According to the website of Remy Tassou, Tron measures 88x52x20 cm and weighs 15 kg. Knowing that computer hardware can turn out to be rather heavy, the weight of this sculpture should not surprise anyone, since it seems to include tens of RAM modules. There are no details, though, as to what type of adhesive was used for putting the pieces together.

The second one is called Space Invader and it really looks like one of the enemies from the 8-bit games. It is made of CDs and microprocessors and try as I may, I cannot identify the CPUs used in this work of art (nor the content of the CDs, for that matter). This particular sculpture tips the scale at 28 kg and measures 184x150x4 cm.

The one made of serial ports is called Line, measures 26x7x4 cm and weighs one kg, fact that makes it probably one of the lightest sculptures of Remy Tassou. System, as the other one is called, is 30x9x9 cm and weighs 2 kg. Presumably, the hard drive sculpture was made when these hardware components were still cheap. Since the floods in Thailand, the availability of the hard drives reduced considerably and the prices skyrocketed, fact that would determine any malfunctioning hard drive owner to try every repair methods out there before turning it into cybertrash.

Permanent exhibitions of Remy Tassou can be seen in museums in Paris, as well as in Nantes, from where the sculptor originates. At the moment, however, he works and lives in Grasse, where the sculptor has his own studio. Tens of other sculptures, dating from 1995 to 2011 can be seen on his website.

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