Videogame Valentine’s Day Cards From LimeGreenCoconuts

Show how much you love someone this Valentine’s Day with these cute hand-made greeting cards.

Single people sit this one out, please. Today I’m going to be addressing the “couples” portion of the audience, because I’ve got something quite timely to show them: videogame-inspired Valentine’s Day cards from Etsy shop LimeGreenCoconuts, owned and operated by do-it-yourself-er Kristen Massenburg.


A piece of my heart, Zelda love card by LimeGreenGaming image

The romantic holiday is one week away – let this be a friendly reminder so you don’t end up in the dog house – and if you’re looking for a geeky love note for the person most cherished in your life, how about ordering one of these hand-crafted greeting cards from Kristen. Not only are they adorable, but they feature the likes of Link and Princess Zelda such as the card above .

you turn me on card by LimeGreenGaming image 1 you turn me on card by LimeGreenGaming image 2

No interest in Nintendo characters? WELL THEN GET OFF MY INTER– I mean, that’s cool, LimeGreenCoconuts has other gaming-related cards too! This “you turn me on” card, in particular, is one of my absolute favorites. It’s so cute and clever… Hint, hint, to any of my secret admirers out there on which card to get me (yeah, if only.)

All of LimeGreenCoconuts’s Valentine’s Day cards are printed on Environmental Natural White 80lb Cover paper, which is great because they’re made with Green-e renewable energy and 100% recycled fibers. Basically, this means no new trees were harmed in the production of this quality paper these spiffy greeting cards are using, a clear purchasing plus!

Love you more than Mario Kart by LimeGreenGaming image 1 Love you more than Mario Kart by LimeGreenGaming image 2

Please, in the name of Cupid, visit LimeGreenCoconuts if you want to learn how to order these precious Valentine’s Day cards or see any other items up for sale by Kristen if you’ve got the time to spare. And if you’ve got noting to do completely, then hang around Walyou and look for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for geeks or a Star Wars Millenium Falcon PC case.