PlayStation 4 Might Cost Just Over $400


According to a report in major Japanese daily the Asahi Shimbun, The PlayStation 4 will launch this year for over 40,000 yen (about $428), suggesting Sony aren’t exactly trying to with a more aggressive approach in its battle with Wii U and other new systems, but it isn’t making the same mistake it did when the PS3 came out.


Upon release in 2006 the PS3 cost around 60,000 yen in its more expensive configuration, and $599 in the US. Meanwhile, the cheapest PS3 now costs 24,980 yen in Japan versus $269 in the US.

According to the report, the PS3 will come out in the US and Japan in 2013, but with no mention of Europe, there’s a good chance it’s release there will slip into 2014. Elsewhere, the report says that the PS4 controller will feature a touch pad and be “roughly the same shape” as the current Dual Shock 3.

According to a different report, coming from the Nikkei business daily, the PS4 will apparently use cloud technology from Gaikai, the gaming service that Sony bought for $380 million last year.

If you haven’t already heard, Sony are holding a PlayStation meeting on February 20, which most are assuming will be the great moment of revealing their next generation console, based on the fact it’s being held in New York with the press and the investors being invited.