The Legend of Zelda NES Case Mod

The Legend of Zelda has to be one of the oldest surviving games that we have ever known.

The first game of the series was launched way back in 1986, and it has been almost 26 years that the first group of geeks played this high fantasy action-adventure video game on Nintendo’s Famicon. Gamers really started to get into the groove when it was released for the NES and in order to celebrate that legendary relationship between NES, Legend of Zelda and NES case mods, Ryan Fitzpatrick has created a really minimalist Legend of Zelda NES Mod.

The resulting piece of work is simple, elegant and barely looks like it is geeky. The case mod almost looks like a work of art and that is probably because Ryan sought the help of pro console painter Jayrod2. The console comes with an automotive grade and clear coated finish which reminds you of the original Legend of Zelda gold cartridge. It even has the gold, red and silver accents, which almost would make gamers nostalgic. Curiously, Ryan never made use of a laser cutter and instead created the pixelated look of the inscription entirely by hand.

Ryan required more than 50 hours to solder, sand and cut the case in order to light up the Link character. Ryan has unveiled a video too, which pays a loving tribute to this legendary video game that has lasted for almost the entire span of my life.

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