Korean Artist Creates Wistful Portraits Using Wire Mesh

Wire mesh brings images of mosquitoes trying to get inside the bedroom and our vain attempts to stop them to try doing so. However, Korean artist Seung Mo Park decided to use wire mesh for a completely different purpose.

He has created a series of beautiful portraits and art objects by superimposing wire mesh on top of each other. He typically takes a number of wire mesh pieces and cuts layer upon layer of the material to create portraits. The end result is breathtaking and can certainly give many contemporary artists a run for their money. The resulting portraits are surreal and out of this world.

There also seem to be a wistfulness associated with his portraits though I can’t really articulate how. The material seems to have that effect on the portraits as most of the subjects in the portraits seem sullen and sad. It is not clear if these portraits are for sale and if he will ever agree to sell them to art connoisseurs.

However, if you are an art lover who wants portraits like these, you may as well go ahead and try creating some on your own. I am sure it is going to be a difficult prospect by there is nothing impossible in this world. So go ahead, and try to create portraits like this if you can.

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