Wireless charging to take steps into the household

Ever dreamed of charging your phone on a countertop, coffee table or nightstand, no wires necessary? Innovations are on the way to make that dream a reality.


Wireless charging technology isn’t exactly a new, or exciting concept or design. I think most of us can easily recall the hype surrounding products like the Powermat, and seeing these “revolutionary” products bring the future of charging to our very homes with minimal effort. The reality of it all though, was that these products were clunky and not exactly wireless when it came down to it. Sure you charge your device by having it touch a surface, but only if you strapped a clunky case on the back of it and plugged your 12 inch long surface somewhere else. In the end, it was underwhelming and eventually phased out of the media as just another dying fad.

The concept behind wireless charging though, continues to be appealing to customers, and while many of us have forgotten about the practical nature it could bring to our daily lives, some brilliant minds over at Dupont Building Innovations, working together with some talented folks from the PMA have just dropped their real-deal product that allows you to charge your device on common household pieces like tables, counter tops and nightstands. Now, while this tech wont work on ALL surfaces, it will work on a Corian surface, a popular choice for counter tops.


Now while there’s no direct quote on the cost required to incorporate this system into your home, one can expect some above-average expenses for this first-class technology, but give it a few more years and if the craze catches on, we’ll see prices drop. More interesting is the future of wireless charging now, what now starts with phones and low power devices could possibly allow us to charge laptops while we use them at a coffee shop or in our living rooms. No more broken power adapters, wouldn’t that be the day, huh?

Source: Bitrebels

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