Firefly Is Back! (Sort of) – Firefly MMO Announced

This might not be the return we all wanted, but hey, it’s been way too long without any Firefly in our lives. Introducing, the Firefly MMO.

Firefly MMO

Looks like a second season of the fan-beloved Firefly is still not gonna happen anytime soon. Not as a Netflix series, nor as anything… but we will get to see more of the Firefly universe, in the form of an mobile game currently under development. The game is called Firefly Online, and is a “multi-user social role playing game” rather than an MMO. It is not clear if Joss Whedon, the creator, is somehow involved with this project or not.

The game is under development by the Spark Plug Games team, responsible for some succesful mobile titles such as Puzzle Quest 2. The team showed a trailer at the current San Diego Comic-Con, but didn’t really show any gameplay, as of now, so we can’t report on what kind of game will this be exactly. But hey, after years of silence and being pushed aside, if it involves the Firefly universe, we’re sure it will get support from the fans.

Source: Geekosystem

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