Glossy Legend of Zelda World Map Beer Pong Table

This glossy top Legend of Zelda world map Beer Pong table might be the single greatest drinking game accessory I have ever seen.

zelda beer pong table

Ever though it was possible to combine Legend of Zelda with Beer Pong? I had no idea it could be done as tastefully as this.

According to our source, one crafty beer pong and Zelda enthusiast found a way to make his very own custom table using screenshots from the original Legend of Zelda on NES.

The board is composed of some 128 screenshots from the game, covering each of the world’s surface areas. He then printed them, laid them out in order across the table and either laminated it or covered the whole thing in plastic Saran wrap. I’m not really sure; but either way it looks great.

To see some time-lapse footage of the making of this table, check out the video we’ve got below.

The whole process looks like it was fairly simple, though judging from the change of lighting in the video I’m guessing it was quite time-consuming. However, good things come to those who wait and I can see this table getting some really serious Beer Pong action in the future.

What would be really impressive is if after someone wins, they could flip the table over and then have the loser try to win his honor back by fighting over the Dark World version of the map.

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