Geek Culture 15 Worst Movie Taglines in Cinema History

15 Worst Movie Taglines in Cinema History

Really bad movies aren’t just about bad acting and a terrible script. Most of history’s worst films, which doesn’t necessarily make them any less popular, need a really bad tagline to complete the package of horribleness.

Anaconda – When you can’t breathe, you can’t scream

Knowing – What happens when the numbers run out?

Malone (Burt Reynolds) – Ex-Cop, Ex-CIA, Ex-Plosive

There are quite a few people who think that this is the worst movie of all-time, but there haven’t been enough people who watched it to actually agree and help it win the un-official award.

Running with scissors – Don’t disturb them; they already are

Stick It – It’s not called gym-nice-tics


The uninteresting take on the uninteresting subject of competitive gymnastics.

Matrix Revolutions – Everything that has a beginning has an end

Raw Deal (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – They gave him a raw deal. Nobody gives him a raw deal.

Star Trek V – Why are they putting seat-belts in theaters this summer?

Ocean’s Twelve – Twelve is the new eleven

They should have stopped after the first movie, although money-wise, it was a good choice.

Urban Legend – It happened to someone who knows someone you know…You’re next

Carnk: High Voltage – He was dead…but he got better

Jaws: The Revenge – This time it’s personal

The flesh eaters – The only people who will not be STERILIZED with FEAR are those among you who are already dead

Maybe the first gore film ever made and as expected, developed a cult following for all the blood and unprecedented violence.

De Lift – Take the stairs, take the stairs, for God’s sake, take the stairs!!

A movie about a killer elevator. What do you expect?

Silent Rage – Science created him. Now Chuck Norris must destroy him

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