Simplistic Mario and Luigi Tattoos on Legs

Most people tend to get a tattoo on their biceps, neck or forearms as that gives greater visibility to people.

However, when you come across a person who has got Mario Brothers tattoos on the calf muscles, one is inclined to stop and think if this is going to get the attention it deserves. Of course, one can always wear shorts and walk around just like this guy who has got the tattoos is doing.

However, when the temperature falls and one will need to cover one’s legs with a lot of wool, the idea of having tattoos and showing them off to people can become impossible. Had this person got these tattoos at the back of his neck or even on the forearms, one would suspect that for the greater part of the year they could be kept visible to people. Nonetheless, these tattoos look pretty cool and are very simple.

I doubt the guy even flinched while getting the tattoo as both of them look very simple. Mario and Luigi Tattoos are pretty common and a lot of fans seem to get them on various parts of the body. You could also take a look at this Mario Heel Tattoo which must have been really painful to get. You might also want to check out 16 Mario Tattoo Sleeves as well.