Xbook One: the Xbox One shrinks to laptop size

The Xbox one gets a drastic size reduction in this mod, and ends up both portable and beautiful for it.


There was so much controversy when the Xbox One was first announced that some of it never was addressed. Chief amongst those complaints? The Xbox One is ugly-looking. Luckily, we have mods and talented modders working their way around this, amongst these, the Xbook One. This mod is the creation of Ed Zarick, a pretty well known name in the scene, who has been active and modifying consoles ever since the Xbox 360.


What is amazing about this build, though, is that Ed is 3D printing to make the console prettier, more durable and useful, but while keeping every part that matters actually functioning. Matter of fact, this is better than a regular, unmodded Xbox One as it includes extra HDMI ports, or several other improvements that Ed could add at the buyers’ request. Yes, Ed will personally build one for you for $1,095 (USD) if you provide him with a console, or $1,395 if you expect him to buy it too.


Via Technabob

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