Yoda Head Cake – Do You Want to Cut His Head?

Well I agree Yoda was a pretty annoying character for some but that doesn’t push you to disrespect him. Or maybe some of the fans just love him too much to make a cake of him. I mean poor Yoda is now being cut into pieces and served. Gross!

That’s the point of my view though, I also appreciate the art. Made by tchitwood (she didn’t mention her real name) who is an artist and has currently jumped into cake making. Although she says she’s a beginner, by looking at her art she looks like an expert to me. Just look at that cake it looks so real! When I saw it for the very first time I actually didn’t realize that it’s a cake. I thought that it’s just another fun statue of Yoda for the Star Wars celebration. But honestly she has done it well. Just as much fun the cake looks, it’s also pretty yummy (at least by the details).

It’s a red velvet cake overall and the ears are made from rice krispie. The cake is covered in fondant. Now apart from everything else, it looks YUMMY. I have always loved velvet cake and I won’t mind eating Yoda’s head for the taste.

I know many of you are eeewwwwinnggg right now on the pictures that show the head after being cut. I agree it’s a bit gross actually but what needs to appreciate here is the art. Check it out – every detail has been fully attended to. The best part is the inner red velvet section. I don’t know if that was chosen on purpose to make the cuts look bloody and more natural but they are good. Again you might feel like it’s a violent cake but the combination is what I am loving right now. It’s hilarious the way everything has been thought over. So real it looks!

Right now I feel like giving a thumbs-up to tchitwood and wishing her best of luck for her cake classes. A piece of advice as well to her: Please don’t make heads and limbs next time!

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Via: Instructables