A Dark Link To the Past

This cool Dark Link figurine is being released 12 years after its originating game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – first came out.

Dark Link 1

Ocarina of Time may be two console generations old, but it still frequently tops most lists of best games ever made, and many people continue to claim it as their favourite game of all time. It’s not hard to see why – the game pushed the limits of everything the n64 had to offer and served up a pretty good story, to boot.

Dark Link 2

While there’s little character development among even the most important characters, it’s really the ancillary characters that stick out in my mind. Dark Link is one such intriguing character. The showdown between Link and Dark Link takes place in the Water Temple, and even though he was only a miniboss, Link’s shadowy opposite is far more memorable than the final boss of that dungeon.

Dark Link 4

He was even immortalized in the Super Smash Bros. game series as one of Link’s palette swaps, and if nothing else, placing him beside the matching Link figurine makes for a pretty epic display. Dark Link is pouncing off a rock in this figurine, which gives the piece a great sense of action, especially when paired with Link’s defensive stance.

Dark Link 3

The figurine looks amazing; the artists managed to get the rough polygon sprites in the original game to appear smooth and flawless without going overboard and having the characters look completely unrecognizable. In fact, it’s hard to remember that the game didn’t look as good as these figurines make it seem.

Dark Link 5

Dark Link has a pretty plain colour scheme – he’s black, minus the glowing red eyes – but this figurine gives the solid black a very deep, multidimensional look, as if he is a corporeal shadow. The details, however, are where this piece really shines – especially the dark Master Sword, which looks incredibly well-rendered. The details on his tunic and scabbard are also wonderfully rendered. As this is a very limited series, the standard Dark Link figurine will cost you $169.99 – and if you want the glowing base and eyes, it’s $189.99.

Link has a way of looking good in just about any medium, from this breathtaking life-size papercraft statue, to this adorable Munny doll painted to look like the Link from Wind Waker. It really is a shame that Dark Link is only now starting to get the recognition he rightly deserves.

Via: Tomopop