6 Geeky Date Ideas

Are you a geek on a mission to find the perfect date? Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Setting up the perfect date can be quite the challenge. You need to find something that not only captivates your interest, but of course, the person you are taking out on a date. You want to find something that is stimulating and fun, but not boring. It needs to be something that can full the amount of time set aside for the date, with no awkward lulls or wasted time. For geeks, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect date. But at Walyou, we are here to help. And especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is the ultimate need to impress.

Geeky Scavenger Hunts


Why not create a fun scavenger hunt! Give you significant other a list of things they will have to take pictures of. There are even mobile apps that let you create a scavenger hunt date. Think of a great prize they will win at the very end. It is a great way to get to know each other.

Visit Local Hi Tech Events

hi tech convention

Geeks love new technologies and gadgets, which is why a date at a hi tech event is a great choice. Look around for science conventions and tech fairs going on where you can spend the day with your main squeeze. Aside from hi tech events, look for theme parks and comic book conventions (Comic Con anyone??) that are geared toward technology, gadgets, and gaming.

Star Gazing

star gazing

Science geeks love looking at the night sky and all the stars in it. Aside from offering up some real romance and ambiance, it is a great way to spend a night looking at constellations and talking about those big science questions!

Game Night In

game night

No one said you have to go out for a date, what about a game night in? Whether you decide to play board games, card games, computer games, or video games, it is a great way to know your date and see what kind of competitive streak they have. But if you are going to have a game night, don’t forget to have options. And don’t forget some food!

Be Chefs for the Night

cook at home

Geeks may not often talk about cooking being on their list of hobbies, but there is a lot of science to it. Molecular gastronomy has become very popular among cooking circles and it can be a lot of fun to play with different chemicals and see what happens in terms of flavor and look of food. Aside from that, cooking can be kind of sensual, as you get to play with textures, tastes, and smells.

Head to a Fun Museum

fun museum

Enjoy spending the day at a museum. Whether you are a history nerd or a science and technology geek, there is a little something for everyone. It can be lots of fun to walk around, look at the different exhibits and have stimulating conversations over various topics.