14 Best Mother’s Day Cards

You have only one mother, for your entire life (usually that’s the case), so when you go out and get her a card for Mother’s day, be sure to make it special, although not as dull and boring as the usual ‘I luv u’ and sorts crap that most people get. Mom deserves originality, even if most chances are she won’t understand what you’re going for.

Mom With Bad Eyesight

Nearshigted Mom

Mom Who Loves Puns

Pun Mom

Tattoo-Loving Mom

Tattoo Mom

For the 3D Mom

3d mom

For the M.I.L.Bs of this World


For Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples

The Dog-Loving Mother

Dog Lover

Remember – Mom’s are never wrong, always right

Mom is right

There’s Always One Kid She Prefers

Mom's favorite

For Embarrassing Mom Who Can’t Dance

Mom Can't Dance

For the MILFs

For the MILF

To the Inexperienced Mother

Fresh Mom

Low Expectation Kids to Minimum Effort Mother

Minimum Effort Mother

 Thanks for the Lift, I’ll Take it From Here

Thanks for the Lift

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