Customized A-1 Scrabble: Designer Edition

There is a child hidden within all of us. Any new thing does excite us to some extent. And this new Scrabble design is sure to tickle all Scrabble fans world over. It can be said to be old wine in a new bottle but the new bottle is far too good.

Designer Andrew Clifford Capener is the brains behind the brand new version of the age old game of Scrabble. It comes in customized versions as it was created with the idea to ‘excite people about typography’. It gives the owners the choice of font. As an owner you can get an assorted font pack with the font of your choice. Which one would you choose – the stylish Georgia or the funky Comic Sans? The ball is in your court and you can play it in your own style.

The packaging of this board game is very unusual to the ones seen earlier. The cube shaped box has an exterior container that is made of birch. The interior box is made of solid walnut. Within the interior box are six walnut board pieces. You would need to slide out each from its slot and assemble them. The pieces are magnetized to enable firm grip among them. This helps create a solid and stable board for the game.

The insides of the outer cover and the bottoms of the boards are lined with cork. This helps protect the pieces by forming a cushion between them. The cork lining under the board pieces gives the board a firm grip on the surface it is placed. When the board pieces are replaced in their respective slots they have no chance or shaking and developing scratches thanks to the interior magnets.

The small chamber below the sliding pieces houses all the individual letter pieces that would be required for play. The look of the board is also very attractive. It has that classic look that instantly appeals to your senses.

Scrabble, no doubt, has been an age old game enjoyed by all ages. There have been different versions for children and adults with both deriving maximum pleasure out of each game. Every game turns out to be different but equally thrilling. The pleasure increases doubly when you get to play it in style. And this is exactly what this new version from Andrew Clifford Capener promises. A designer Scrabble game customized as per your taste.

Are you ready for the game? Well, I am in love with the design. Make sure you also go through Rubik’s Scrabble Cube and Geekiest Scrabble Game.