18 Most Memorable Video Game Noises

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old or young gamer, or what’s your favorite console. If you’re just a little bit into video gaming, you’ve probably played most of these games if not all of them a few times in your life. Hence, you’ve had these soundbites  of Pac-Man Waka waking before Shakira, or of Sonic getting another ring, encrypted and carved into your mind for quite some time, and it’s never ever going away.

The Angry Birds Every Noise Noise

The Pacman Waka Waka Noise

The Mario Jump Noise

The Street Fighter 2 Hadouken Noise

The Zelda Secret Noise

The Mega Man Death Noise

The Sonic Ring Noise

The Castlevania Whip Crack Noise

The Diablo Drinking a Potion Noise

The Final Fantasy VI Running Away Noise

The Moral Kombat Get Over Here Noise

The Metal Gear Solid Alarm Noise

The Tetris Game Over Noise

The Contra First Gun Noise

The Doom Monster Groan Noise

The Paperboy Paper-on-the-Doorstep Noise

The NBA Jam He’s on Fire Noise

The Wii Tennis Racket Hits Ball Noise

For more on the sound effects of video games, here’s a look at how the magic is being made.

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