Amazon Is Testing Workout Tracking on Its Echo Buds

Amazon Workout ear buds may arrive soon

A new report suggests that Amazon is testing workout tracking features on its Echo Buds. When the Amazon Echo Buds launched a while ago, they did not have the ability to track workouts and a lot of people were disappointed. While there are many interesting earphones such as Apple AirPods at the moment, people still want something better and more advanced. Amazon’s earbuds may fill this gap if the workout tracking becomes a reality. In addition, it will help music lovers to listen to their favorite music while running or lifting weights in the gym.

Amazon tries hard with its workout earbuds approach

The report was announced on CNBC and it is not clear if Amazon is going to bring these features to Echo Buds immediately. However, it is quite evident that the tech giant has been working on advancing the features of its earbuds to meet the demands of the market. It must be borne in mind that Amazon has a number of competitors who could simply hurt the tech giant’s profits. Even smaller companies like Bose hold a larger earphone market than Amazon does, and this could come in its way of success. However, Amazon is lucky to have its own shopping search engine where its products can be easily featured.

The Echo Buds are perfect for those who want to work out and dull the noise outside. You can wear them to the gym, and still not hear all the grunting and heaving. In other words, Amazon’s earbuds will make you focus on your workouts better and train efficiently. If workout-tracking comes to Echo Buds, they will probably outpace every single earphone on the market right now. Amazon will be able to take on Apple Watch and Google’s newly purchased Fitbit.

When are these earbuds arriving in the market?

It is not clear when Amazon plans to integrate workout tracking with its Echo Buds, or if it will be ever launched at all. One needs to wait and watch to see if Amazon’s Echo buds with workout tracking features will see the light of the day. Few tech journalists discovered that the workout tracking feature is hidden deep inside Alexa software. If Amazon launches these earbuds, both Google and Apple will be envious and insecure at the same time.

Who are the competitors and does Amazon have a chance in the market?

In direct competition is Apple’s AirPods Pro and its Apple Watch. Thankfully, AirPods Pro earbuds are very expensive and do not come with fitness tracking features unlike Apple Watch. Google is toying with fitness tracking gadgets as well. However, it is not clear when the buds will be launched. Bose noise cancellation earbuds are going to pose a threat to Amazon’s Echo Buds in both the short and long terms. This is because Bose is an established name even though it does not have any earbuds with fitness tracking technology.

Buy the workout earbuds if they are ever launched

As you can see, it is not clear when fitness tracking will come to Amazon’s new Echo buds. We can’t even predict if Amazon ever plans to launch this technology in the market. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at other earbuds that are available in the market. We ha featured a list of 9 Best Sports Headphones a couple of years ago, which are best suited for workouts. Take a look at the 30 best gifts for a geeky dad as well. The list includes some impressive earphones and buds.