Early Access to Minecraft Earth Comes to 9 Countries

Minecraft Earth available in 8 countries now.

There are very few games that are dedicated to the act of crafting and building structures. One of them is Minecraft Earth, which gamers have been eagerly waiting for. Minecraft earth makes use of augmented reality, thanks to which players can build virtual structures with other players. Now, the game is available in nine countries including the UK.

It is not available everywhere in the world but some of the countries where it is now available include the UK, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia. Iceland, Mexico, South Korea and Sweden make up the rest of the list. It is expected to arrive in the US much later.

This is because a game as massive as Minecraft Earth needs to be tested properly before launching in multiple markets at the same. This is only an earlier version and does not reflect what the game will look like when it is finally released. There might be more content and richer graphics than what we see in the initial release, as the game decidedly takes on a “improve as you go” approach. The game is free to play and will be available on Android and iOS devices.

Some unique features of the Minecraft Earth include the following

  • Minecraft Earth is built using Microsoft Azure. This decision was primarily made to incorporate augmented reality features.
  • The game makes use of OpenStreetMap for information related to maps.
  • The game is expected to entertain and educate those who are into architecture, building, and crafting. In other words, this game is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Though it is an AR-based game, it takes into account trees, lakes and water bodies so that accidents or damage to the environment can be avoided.
  • It is free to play, and you just need an Android or iOS device to play it to your heart’s content

Are building games very gendered in their approach?

Games that involve building and crafting are very popular with male gamers. This is probably due to a gendered way of approaching gaming content. Hopefully, games such as these will help to break down gender barriers and allow everyone who likes to play video games can do so. It must be noted that many women who wish to play macho games such as Minecraft Earth often feel intimidated by their male co-gamers, who often genderize gaming situations quite a bit.

It also must be noted that games that imbibe augmented reality features into a building game are very few. So, when this game finally arrives in all the markets, it will probably be one of the few building games that takes AR into account. Most likely, this will be the reason why this game will be popular among anyone who plays it.

Minecraft Earth may help those with psychological difficulties

Building and craft games also have a unique role in helping people with certain psychological difficulties. For instance, those who have childhood disorders such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome often are not able to communicate with others easily. A game that involves augmented reality and multiplayer mode will encourage such individuals to play with others and form meaningful social connections. After all, video games are increasingly being used in the treatment of psychological disorders, ranging from mood disorders to Autism.

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