Angry Birds: Transformers is out now for Android devices

Explosions and Transformers are no longer synonymous with Michael Bay movies as now they return combined with Rovlo’s Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Transformers

The latest entry in the Angry Birds franchise, called Angry Birds: Transformers, has finally arrived to Android devices around the world and can be downloaded for free at the Play Store. It brings many changes, as this time around players won’t be slinging the birds against the piggies and their fortresses but is instead a side-scrolling auto-runner where players transverse a level while shooting enemies and shanty structures in the background. Of course, the pigs are standing on these structures and you know what happens next.

The weapons don’t seem to be very effective against the pigs (the Deceptihogs!), but like in previous entries, it’s best to shoot and collapse the structures for better scores. The franchise is all about physics-based destruction anyways. While the game is fun to pick up and play, more serious players will soon find out the game is plagued by Microtransactions that go from color swaps and skins to extra lives and power-ups which require the very real, green dollars. But what is that compared to the pleasure of engaging once again against the green piggies?

Via Phone Arena

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