Bat-Stache Fit for the Dark Knight

If you were wondering which could be the coolest moustache style at the moment, it certainly has to be the Bat-Stache.

Manscaped uniquely, the Bat-Stache reveals a moustache that is undeniably influenced by the character of Batman. What’s really cool is that the style seems rather easy to try, even with just a beard trimming razor at home. Captain Auburn Beard announced the funky Batman-inspired moustache on Reddit, and it has already gone viral. The creepy and angry look on his face suits the moustache he sports, and could make him a popular Internet meme in the days to come by. I am not sure if Captain Auburn Beard would like the idea, but if Batman were to check this guy out, he surely would ask him out for dinner.

If you have a fetish for beard, you might want to take a look at the Bearded Ski Mask, which might make you look like the Abominable Snowman. The Cyclops Costume looks less like a monster and more like a cool beard style. Probably it is time for men to try different styles while doing their beard, instead of sticking to classic styles. It is always good to try different styles when it comes to beard and moustaches!