Amazing Homemade Crocheted Cyclops Costume

Talk about creative costume ideas: one woman crafted an amazing home-made crocheted cyclops costume entirely out of wool.

crochet cyclops costume

Apparently crochet isn’t just sometime that our grandmothers do to make quilts and doilies. The stitching technique can actually be used to fulfil some very geeky goals.

According to our source, one very crafty woman used her evil powers of crochet to make herself a full-blown cyclops costume. With scale mail armor, sleeves and a helmet, a heavy brown beard and even an eye, she looks like a ferocious cyclops warrior. Even her sword, which looks like it probably started off as a plastic toy, got its own crochet covering and fits perfectly with the rest of her costume.

crocheted cyclops costume

What’s really amazing is that she probably made the entire costume by hand. Unlike knitting where you can use a machine or other techniques to speed things up, crochet doesn’t have that luxury. I’m betting that this project took more than a few weekends to put together.

It would be pretty neat to see what she comes up with in the future, maybe we’ll be able to see some super hero crochet cosplay becoming a big thing, where people compete for the most awesome mode made costumes made of yarn. I think she’s probably end up taking the prize most of the time.

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