Matroyshka Dolls Turn Into Wicked Russian Robots

Here is a wicked-looking Robot Matroyshka, which has 6 robots all fit inside one another. Each of the robots has a pattern that depicts how robots are popularly perceived among people.

It makes for a great toy for children, and could even be good educational material if a teacher knows how to use this Robot Russian Doll creatively, which is available for $10. If you haven’t heard about Matroyshka Dolls, they are these traditional Russian dolls which are all fit right into one big doll. The biggest doll has a smaller one in it, and that doll has another, and so on and so forth.

Matroyshka Doll’s metaphor is usually used to describe and depict the complexity of human minds which are so layered that every time one thinks they understood something, there always another layer to be peeled off, like an onion’s skin. Russian Dolls have been sold as popular toys in Russia and abroad, but they have also been used as pop culture mediums, in which certain messages are communicated to the viewer, albeit in a metaphorical manner. Coming back to the metaphor of robots and Russian dolls, I have a feeling it is all about the way we understand technology, and the way we think we have ‘arrived’. Humans have always felt that they existed at the most ‘modern era’ they could have ever been in.

For instance, the period during early 20th century is known as ‘modern era’, while people continue to think now that they are at the farthest end of human development and scientific and technological advancement they could possibly achieve. This illusory nature of human advancement may be reflected in these Robot Matroyshka dolls, as we continue to think we have reached the climax of technological prowess, but future generations always end up being more advanced than the previous. You could also take a look at Christmas Russian Dolls and Doctor Russian Dolls that we had featured sometime back.