I Am Cold Vengeance, I Am the Chilly Night, I Am Snow Batman

Batman is easily one of the most popular superheroes, up there with Superman and Spider-Man, so it’s only natural that we see all sorts of cool Batman fan art. This huge snow sculpture manages to take things beyond what we’re used to seeing, though.

Standing two stories tall, it’s almost as if the Dark Knight is just waiting for some thugs to beat down. Sure, he can’t exactly move and his ultimate weakness is summer, but at least he can effortlessly stand up against Mr. Freeze. I mean, what’s he gonna do, freeze him again?

Snow Sculpture Batman

Built outside the Totem Pole Ski Shop in Ludlow, Vermont, this frozen version of Batman stands tall and vigilant, arms crossed. Gotham is widely believed to be a comic book version of Chicago or New York, so maybe he just vacations in Vermont. Many of his details can be made out, from his cape and cowl to his gauntlets to his signature utility belt.

You can see in one of the pics, however, that as spring approaches, he’s beginning to melt and lose some of the definition while still clearly being Batman. I’d hope they just take it down when it begins to melt too much, however, rather than leaving a grotesquely-melted Caped Crusader dripping by the road. Even better, here’s hoping he returns when the snow and the cold do. Who knows, maybe when snow Batman melts, he reappears in California as a sand sculpture.

Tall Batman Snow Sculpture

If you love the snow and geeky subjects other than comic books, you’ll love this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Snow Sculpture or this perfectly-blocky Space Invader Snow Sculpture. It seems that the winter brings out the creative side in people, so it’s always nice to see the geeky fruits of their labor in all their frozen glory.

Via: Comicsbeat