Bottom Feeders May Represent Death and Decay

Art can sometimes baffle you and leave you with a feeling of confusion and several questions.

Bottom Feeders by Mary O’Malley are a collection of crockery that has been designed to look like they are being eaten by strange creatures. Thus, the name of the art project happens to be ‘bottom feeders’. I am not sure what the feeders are made of but they do look like they are either made of corals or sea shells.

Definitely, these pictures bring to our minds images of sunken ships and forgotten utensils that tell a story of the owner who once used them. It speaks a lot about decay, decadence and the state of being forgotten. Tea cups and saucers that are engulfed by corals or dry sea animals speak a lot about death, destruction and disintegration that is forced upon life by time.

They say, time will finally disintegrate everything in this world and universe. Probably, these artistic Bottom Feeders represent that quality of time itself, which will eventually corrode and cannibalize everything that exists materially. It would be interesting to get these artistic cups and saucers if they are available commercially.

However, there is no more information available about these cups and it is a pity that it can’t easily be found online to be bought. If you are an artist and have created something that represents death, destruction, decay and decadence, do let us know in the comments section below, and we would be glad to take a look at them.

You could also go ahead and take a look at the Accurate Clock which reminds you that you will eventually die anyway. The 13 Skulls Art too reminds you of your eventual death, destruction and decay. Death and decay can be a very significant theme for artists and it certainly is one of our most morbid fears.