Bicycle Spare Parts Dog Sculptures for Animal Lovers

If you took a look at these amazing dog sculptures made from bicycle spare parts, you might wonder where on earth the artist cold manage to find so many similar parts that could be assembled together.

The answer is Tel Aviv, Israel. Artist Nirit Levav Packer went on a bicycle spare parts hunting spree across the streets of Tel Aviv and assembled all the tiny little parts to create these adorable dog sculptures caught in moments of their own.

Each dog looks like it is stuck in a moment and is so lifelike that you will not be able to tell that these models were created from rusty spare parts often strewn across garages.

The artist has even managed to capture a dog’s facial expressions in spite of the material being industrial and metallic. The results are indeed amazing and very impressive. It is not clear if these dog sculptures are on sale, but you definitely can contact the artist and enquire if he is willing to make these for you on commission.

Being an animal lover, I think one of the most important contributions of artists is to capture animals in their beauty and innocence. I would certainly love to see some cats made from these bicycle spare parts too, as I am sure they would look really cute. If you are an artist and have something to offer for animal lovers, do not hesitate to leave a message in the comments section below!

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