Scary Glass Eyeballs for Weirdos

Just when we thought there were enough oddities in the world, we found these really bizarre glass eyes.

Ocularist Gerhard Greiner’s work consists of eyeballs that are crafted from glass which look eerily lifelike and scary. It almost looks like someone gouged out the eyes of a hapless victim and stuffed it inside a plastic box for their pleasure. Well, goriness apart, these eyeballs take just under an hour to make, right from the scratch.

Adding the iris, drawing of veins and making sure that the eyeball gets that lifelike sheen on its surface seem to be a job that is well achieved by Mr. Greiner. Photographer Michaela Rehle has a huge gallery of these scary human eyeballs and I am sure anyone who wants to wade through the weird and wonderful will find her collection amazing.

If you thought you can be an artist too and didn’t know where to begin, it is probably the right time to go ahead and start creating something bizarre as it not only has the potential to attract the viewer’s attention, but also may help you build a fat bank balance, if not a literal fortune. I am surprised at the lifelike-ness of these eyeballs.

In fact, these eyeballs may just be what your shrink told you not to be messing with, unless you want your medications to be increased significantly. On the other hand, if you gave these eyeballs to your shrink, he/she may actually decide to go out on a lunch date with you in order to discuss other potential dark forces that operate within you. If you were looking for other disturbing geeky stuff that we have featured earlier, the Fallout Laser Pistol is something that may catch your fancy. If these gory posts do not interest you, take a look at the 15 Worst Movie Taglines and have a good laugh!