Halo Odd Pods Toys Are A Must For Every Fan!

The word “Halo” will instantly spark visions of the awesome game series which is always full of action, fun and tactics and therefor, wonderful looking toys and action figures. But like most of the games the action figures that resemble these game characters are so violently portrayed that hardly any of them can be put on display on our shelves. ENTER The cool Halo Odd Pods, a set of uniquely designed Halo figures that are perfectly suited to the display on your shelf.

Halo Odd Pods Are A Must For Every Fan!1

The cool stylized Halo figures come in a set of 4, probably containing the following characters- Arbiter, ODST: The Rookie, Spartan CQB and Spartan Hayabusa. All of them have been specially modified and trained in order to live a peaceful life on Earth in some cool Display stand, probably accompanied with many others of their own kind.

The best part about these new age characters is that each figure can be disassembled from it’s head, torso and the arms, and all of them can be interchanged to create your own endless customized series of Halo Odd Pods. Each figure comes with a weapon or some accessory, enclosed in a window display box. The whole set sells for $38.99, something that all fans might be willing to sacrifice.