Steampunk Spiderman Looks Vintage and Retro

steampunk spiderman

Spiderman has to be one of the most popular comic characters in the world and is readily recognized by everyone all over the world with the cool and ever so popular Spidey Mask. Much of this popularity is due to the character’s enigmatic and personal charm, which cannot be matched by other characters no matter what. Here is a cool Steampunk Spiderman which looks pretty vintage and retro.

Just like all things Steampunk, this Spiderman too seems to be made of brass or bronze, and seems to have been resurrected form the Victorian era or the industrial era. The Steampunk Spiderman was spotted at a store in Dubai, and I am surprised that something so cool was found in a place like Dubai. Of course the place is known for its glamor and shopping but Steampunk isn’t quite something that I would expect to see in that desert city.

The Spiderman meanwhile looks his sinewy best and the expressionless face still seems to carry a bit of anger and grimace at his enemies. There is no information about the Steampunk Spiderman being available for sale, and if he is, at what price he might be sold for. Meanwhile those who are adventurous and have a little time to spare can learn how to make a Spiderman Web Gun or enjoy a cute Lego Spiderman Figure.

Via: Hombre Lobo