See How A Girl Deleted Boyfriend’s WOW Characters

Recently, a girlfriend was found deleting all of her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters…and the results of her actions are not so pretty.This incident was in pure rage and has been tagged as Rage Ensues. The girl deleted all of her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters when he ran to a store to get a pack of cigarettes.

The strange thing is that the girl gave many reasons for destroying her boyfriend’s WoW characters. The news is amusing for many gamers who love playing this game. However, many believe that it was a harsh move from the girl’s side to get the attention of her boyfriend, who otherwise used to spend a lot of time playing WoW.

You can even watch out a video featuring the girl recording the experience of destroying her boyfriend’s favorite game and its famous characters. She also said that her boyfriend might be thinking he will be playing the game all night through but when she deleted it she has spoiled his plans and is feeling relieved.

The girl was daring enough to delete all the 80 levels of her boyfriend’s Why Girls Delete Boyfriend’s World of Warcraft Characters (Rage Ensues). We pity the poor boy who thought, that he will be relaxing whole night raiding his favorite game. He might have never thought in the wildest of his dreams that going out to get some cigarettes might take away his favorite game away from him.

We must say that after deleting WoW characters of her boyfriend, the girl might now be looking out for ways to pacify her boyfriend. After all, such is the addiction one gets after playing Boyfriend’s World of Warcraft game. Many believe that inside she might be feeling guilty for disappointing her boyfriend by doing this mischief.

The news came as a shock for World of Warcraft gamers. For those of you who are still wondering what is this game all about, let us tell you that WoW is till date the biggest, best and also the most epic MMORPG game. Those who have played this game will take no time in agreeing with this fact and with such a fact, snatching this game from a gamer who is a die hard fan of this game is a tragic news.

World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, was released a while back by Blizzard Entertainment. Belonging to the famous Warcraft series, this game can be played in a multiplayer mode online. The game was developed especially for teenagers. The game features a superb and interactive gameplay that can make any gamers addict of playing it without any doubt.

Lastly, we can only conclude saying that this is a lesson for all you gamers who might be ignoring their lady love playing World of Warcraft Game. Otherwise, your lady love might also delete your favorite game and you will be left disappointed.

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