Steampunk Sculptures – You Won’t Know The Secret!

Yup there is a secret behind all these sculptures and I am about to reveal it. Any guesses? Nope? Alright the secret is that all these Steampunk sculptures you are seeing here are MADE FROM PAPER!

Who would have known that? Believe it or not, even I at first thought that they are made from bronze or at least aluminum. I didn’t really care about it until I got to know that it’s all paper and cardboard work I had my eyes wide open!

All these Steampunk sculptures are made by Philip Valdez, and like I said earlier, it is paper art which is pretty much amusing. I mean look at the details and everything, do you think it looks like paper. It doesn’t and no one (I can bet on that) would know that it’s paperwork at first glance. This is what I call true art – when you make something from scrap to look like something highly expensive.

Although I agree that there are certain areas in these sculptures where some other things were used, such as wires, tubes, and gauges, but only when necessary. 90% of all the sculptures are made from cardboard and paper molded and painted in Victorian style to give it that antique steampunk look.

This one you are seeing above in the picture is known as the Victorian Mech, and well, there is nothing else used except for cardboard and paper for it. Yup I mean absolutely nothing else! No wires, no plastic, no gauges this time, just plain paper!

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