Knock-out Wolverine Cake

The X-men comic itself contains many different Superheroes, and each of their powers is vastly different from the other. Someone who follows the comics could probably distinguish one from another, and immediately know it was from X-men. The others rely on the well-advertised characters such as Wolverine, who is one of the better known X-men.  He can have a big merchandise window because even people who only know the simple basics of X-men know who he is. These two cakes are not only made with a Wolverine theme, they also follow the same design concept.

Wolverine Cake 1

Wolverine Cake 2

Both these cakes have their background design the basic colors of Wolverine’s costume, which most people know is blue and yellow. Both cakes also have Wolverine’s hand, claw exposed, ripping the costume, and bursting out of the center. Though the concepts of these two cakes are exactly the same, the execution is quite different.

The first cake’s claws are made out of aluminum and barley, and are of the same size as the fingers, which are clenched into a fist. The aluminum is cut into a straight triangle, giving the claws a really sharp look.

Cake 1 Side view

The claws on the second cake seem to be made out of edible material. The second cake also has longer claws that extend more than double the size of the cake itself.

The hand on the second cake has no thumb. This seems like a minor detail to pay attention to; however it does change the overall look the hand has when it is punching out. The cake with the thumb appears to be actually trying to punch out of the cake whereas the cake without the thumb seems to be scratching out.

Either way, both cakes are interesting takes on the same design, and would make a great dessert to have at a birthday party.

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Via: Jomby and FROMMYOF2