Delorean DMC-12: From the 1980s to Your PC

Delorean DMC-12, as we all know, has been one of the best known time machine back in the olden days, the master creation arisen in Northern Ireland by John Delorean. So why not give some credit to this awesome creation to carry on its remembrance, with super cool flash drives.

The most dominating part of these Delorean sports cars was gull-wing doors, a fiberglass underbody, with stainless steel panels, and well, that’s exactly what the miniature flash drive portrays too! The model drives you right from the 1980’s flick into the present, with awesome flash drives has the capacity of 500GB, invented by Flash Rods.

The 1:18 scale model of Delorean, which was seen in the action movie “Back to the future”, is available from Flash rods for just $250. Well, I’d say its worth it for all the geeks out there, for you can very well understand its value for its uniqueness.

It lets you open not only the doors, but also the super cool hood of the car. So are you still searching for the connection in this replica time machine? Well, check out the area right where the number plate is supposed to be! Its replaced by the USB connector that you can attach to the computer, they way you could with the USB in floppy Disk.

Certainly, its one of the coolest way to store all your data, and will prove just as worthy as did the Indiana Jones USB flash Drive, and after all, what more can the geeks expect, when the time machine stands right in front of them.