THQ uDraw Gametablet for the Wii

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that the Wii is the gaming console that is decidedly the most innovative console of the generation, mostly because it makes use of the motion control in so many different ways. Of course, as we all probably know, Nintendo is the go-to system for being one of the leaders in innovation for each system generation. Of course, they weren’t the ones to do new things first, but they were the first ones to do new things well. This of course includes third party controller compatibility. However, here’s a design for the Wii that’s definitely worth checking out.


This is the THQ uDraw for the Wii. It’s a gametablet which hooks up to the console via a motion controller that slots in. The major thing that people will notice automatically is that it is a lot bigger than the WiiMote. But given its function, it can easily be overlooked. The system only supports specific games, but is reasonably high end, feeling like a first party controller rather than a third party. The construction is relatively solid, and the gameplay functionality seems to be really decent.


The system has two major problems with it. The first is that it doesn’t have a hole for the IR panel to peer through, probably because it is limited to specific games. Another, according to Engadget is that it isn’t very precise. Of course, this is not a big deal, given that the uDraw was designed for a younger audience. What this basically means is that, while limited in scope, it has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun.








The controller comes with uDraw studio (priced at $70 USD), and you can purchase Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary for a reasonable $30 Each.

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