Radio Flyer’s Bumper Car: The Classic is Back for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, the time is upon us to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. The usual checklist contains the latest gadgets, books, gaming consoles, clothes, and accessories. When it comes to shopping for kids, the list is usually restricted to the most popular toy of the season.

The world’s largest online retailer,, has on display a spanking new red colored bumper car, which could be the perfect gift for your small ones this holiday season. There is nothing more that kids (and adults) love to do than ride bumper cars and crash into each other: One reason why bumper cars are one of the most popular rides at amusement parks.

The red bumper car from has been designed by niche toy makers, Radio Flyer, who specializes in making wheelie toys for kids. Radio Flyer’s Classic Bumper Car is a throwback to the good old times when kids preferred actual toys to gaming consoles. The red colored car has a nice metallic finish to it with a smoothly shaped body frame.

The aesthetics of the bumper car would certainly hold the attention of its intended target, which are kids. A black colored comfortable steering wheel sits on top of the toy with a large red horn placed at the centre of the steering wheel. A shiny, grey grill with matching lights adorns the front of the bumper car. The name and logo of the toy maker is imprinted in stylish white on the left side of the toy.

Parents may feel that a bumper car may not be the safest toy for their precious kids. Radio Flyer has considered this and designed a toy that would prevent any accidents from happening. A concrete example of this is the bumper that surrounds the bumping portion of the toy. The furniture friendly bumper is made from soft rubber and would absorb any shocks that the toy would receive when it bumps into walls or other bumper cars.

Apart from its safety feature, the Bumper Car is a really fun toy for kids with seven bump sounds that are activated when the car bumps into anything. Fun spinning wheels allow kids to rotate and the spin the car around in creative ways. With a lightweight body frame of 42 lbs, the toy car is easy to handle.

The Classic Bumper Car from Radio Flyer is a classic that would never go out of style. It is now available on Amazon for a cool $72.99.

This is definitely on my list as a gift for my niece! But I was quite not aware of options such as Weirdest Baby Toy Car, the R/C Ducati and Toy Guardian Monster.