On Space Time Foam Suspends You in Air

Art has slowly begun to change the way we understand the world, even more than the Internet.

Of course, art has always done that ever since the caveman began to paint animals on the walls. However, with increased creativity and experimentation, modern artists are able to create interactive art installations that help people understand the world in a completely different way.

On Space Time Foam at HangarBicocca in Milan is one such project that completely blows your mind, It has been created by Tomás Saraceno who is an Argentinean artist The suspended environments can be used to inhabit and people can effectively remain suspended in these other worldly structures for a long time.

Of course, this installation is not for everyone and those who are phobic towards heights will have a panic attack if they happen to get on one of these ins5tallatioons. The installation has been built with the help of 3 levels of clear film. The film can then be explored while you are suspended in air, sort of.

The idea was to create a sense of living and working in a space that is neither earth nor space. The result is mind boggling and you will not be able to understand the uniqueness of this project unless you experience it yourself. Such installations can help people to interact with art instead of just observing it like we have always done throughout the ages.

If you have wondered what it feels like to be suspended in air without being able to fall down and yet see several feet below you, this is the art installation you should be going to. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Shadow Illusion Art Installation that we had featured sometime ago. There was also another Australian Art installation that makes you see spots.