Burdensome Gears of War HammerBurst Replica

The great number of video game weapon replicas seen on sale lately stands to prove that developers are far from being satisfied with the money they get from selling their digital products. Still, this heavy Gears of War HammerBurst Prop replica is nothing short of amazing.There are two things that jump at you when you see ThinkGeek’s Gears of War HammerBurst replica page: the price and the unbelievable heft of this item. Obviously, the other details hinting at the accuracy of this replica are also important.

The HammerBurst replica is targeted towards rich Gears of War players, apparently, if we are to judge by its price tag of $899.99. Regarding the other important factor, it should be mentioned that the replica tips the scale at 35 pounds (that’s almost 16 kg for my non-US readers). Only the weight wouldn’t have made this gun as realistic as it is. The HammerBurst gun that ThinkGeek’s offering measures 36 inches in length. Supposing one could carry such a gun while running, he wouldn’t need bullets at all. The weight alone would be enough for smashing some sku… never mind! Just in case you have the money to buy such collectible items, make sure the replica stays indoors at all times, preferably on a shrine.

Some people are shocked by the price and the weight of this replica and even think of how much it would cost if it hadn’t been so hefty. However, the weight is not the only factor that determines the price, in this case.

The replica is said to be hand-painted, hand-finished, hand-cast polystone that feels like cold steel in the hands of Gears of War fans. In other words, not only a lot of material, but also a lot of effort was put into creating these replicas. Designing them, on the other hand, couldn’t have take a lot of time, as these are officially licensed products, so the game developers could’ve passed the gun designs to the manufacturers.

All in all, this HammerBurst replica‘s price may be justified by the quality and the amount of materials used in its manufacture. As a consequence, whether this hefty item’s price is steep or not is disputable. Of course, how much a fan loves Gears of War also influences how much he is willing to spend on game-related products. Rest assured, this isn’t the most expensive video game collectible item in existence.

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